Pete Ham Song Catalogue

This is my attempt to make a complete list of the songs Pete Ham wrote or co-wrote. I have tried find as much information as possible about each song; background, releases, coverversions, lyrics, chords etc.

1988 And Her Daddy's a Millionaire A Lonely Day And I Love Her
Another Day Apple of My Eye Baby Blue Baby Please
Beautiful Dream Beverley Bittersweet Adieu Black and White Rainbows
Blackjack Blame The Devils Blessing In Disguise Blodwyn
Can't Stop Carry On Till Tomorrow Catherine Cares Cavalier Club Rock
Come, Come Tomorrow Come a Bit Closer Come and Join Us Coppertone Blues
Country Tavern Crimson Ship Dawn Day After Day
Dear Father Dennis Do What You Like Down Down Down
Dressed Myself in Black Evening Sky For My Sympathy Free Sample
Get Down Get Up Genie Give It a Try
Gonna Do It Goodbye John Frost Hampstead Heath Hand In Hand
Happened Again Has Someone Really Got Into My Heart Heartburn Helping Hand
Horse With a Green Tail How Much is the Sky Hurry On, Father Hurt Too Many Times
I Can't Believe In I Can't Take It If It's Love I Know That You Should
I'll Be The One I'll Kiss You Goodnight I'll See You Tonight I Love You
I'm Alone I'm in Love I'm Only Crying I Miss You
I'm Just a Hermit I'm Only Human I'm So Lonely I Need You
I've Been There Once Before I've Been Waiting I've Cried I've Waited So Long To Be
Island It Doesn't Really Matter It Takes So Long I Want You
John Forgot To Sing Joker Just A Chance Just How Lucky We Are
Just Look Inside The Cover Keep Believing Keep Your Country Tidy Keyhole Street
Know One Knows Lay Me Down Leaving on a Midnight Train Little Mary
Little Sue Live Love All Your Days Lonely You Looking For My Baby
Loved By You Love Will Be Makes Me Feel Good Man Without a Heart
Matted Spam May Meanwhile Back At The Ranch Memories
Midnight Caller Midnight Sun Monday Morning Blues Mrs Jones
Name Of The Game Never Felt Like This Never Been Alone No Matter What
No More No, Don't Let It Go Nothing To Show One Lonely Day
Open Your Mind Ostrich Perfection Pete's Walk
Piano Red Punch With Judy Richard Ringside
Rock Of All Ages Sali Bloo Sausage and Eggs Saville Row
Scarlet Willow See-Saw Granpa She Came Out Of The Cold Shine On
Sille Veb Smoking Gun Song For A Lost Friend Stink
Stop Waiting For The Sun Sweet Josephine Take Good Care Of My Baby Take It All
Take Me Back Taxi Tender Embrace The Clown Of The Party
The Girl Next Door The Heart That Can't Be The Raven They're Knocking Down Our
Things Are Really Getting Think Twice Time Is Mine Timeless
Tulip Walk Out In The Rain Watford John We're For The Dark
Weep Baby When I'm Asleep When The Feeling Where Will You Be
Without You Whiskey Man Would You Deny Yesterday Ain't Coming Back
You Didn't Know Each Other You Know You're Such a Good Woman

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My main sources for compiling this catalouge were Dan Matovina, Sean Siever, Tom Brennan. Brando, Darren English and Robert Rose - great thanks to you all