The Badfinger Diary



After performing locally in Welsh clubs for a couple of years and being seen by the semi-professionel musican Bill Collins, who becomes the groups manager, Pete Ham, Ron Griffiths, David Jenkins, Mike Gibbins are backing UK vocalist David Garrick, playing on his hit "Dear Mrs. Applebee". Before this, in 1966, they auditioned for the Kinks' Ray Davis, who also produves a couple of Iveys recordings in the studio. In 1967 Tom Evans who has been in the Liverpool group the Calderstones, has replaced Jenkins, who has left to join another band. When Collins gives a demo tape to Beatles' assistant Mal Evans, who in turn gives it to Paul McCartney, they sign with Apple Records as "The Iveys" (the name taken from the Ivey Place, a road in Swansea).


The Iveys debut "Maybe Tomorrow", produced by Toni Visconti, is released.



Maybe Tomorrow peaks at US # 67


Proposed "Maybe Tomorrow" is withdrawn from UK and US release schedule, while "No Escaping Your Love" is a Europe-only issue.


Band, now renamed Badfinger records McCartney penned "Come And Get It", and three other tracks during a McCartney-produced session for the forthcoming Peter Sellers/Ringo Starr film, "The Magic Christian".


Griffiths is asked to leave the group, after a disagreement with Evans and is replaced by Joey Molland, formerly with the Profiles, the Masterminds, the Merseys and Gerry Walker & Rain ,Evans switches to bass.



Come And Get It hits UK #4 taken from parent album Magic Christian Music, which incorparates cuts from Maybe Tomorrow.


Come And Get It hits US #7 as Magic Christian Music makes US #55.


Group begins eight-week US tour.


No Matter What hits US# 8 as No Dice Reaches US # 28



No Matter What hits UK # 5


Badfinger performs at George Harrison's benefit concert for Bangladesh at Madisons Square Garden New York.



Day After Day hits US # 4 one place ahead of Nillson's cover of the Ham/Evans written "Without You", which will go on to of the US charts two week later, for a month. "Day After Day" becomes the groups first million seller and Straight Up reaches US # 31. Day After Day hits UK # 10, but parent album "Straight Up" flops.


Nilsson's "Without You" tops UK chart, where it will stay in five weeks.


Baby Blue reaches US # 14



Ass is the groups final Apple release, making US # 122.



Now signed to Warner Bros Badfinger releases an album simply called Badfinger produced by Chris Thomas stalls at US # 161. After the label discovering that a $600.000 advance which had been placed into an escrow account has disappered, withdraws all copies from stores and intiates a lawsuit agains Badfinger Enterprises(the groups business manager, Stan Polley, will be accused,amid much rancour, of mishandling their affairs.) Facing a forthcoming US tour Ham quits and is replaced by Bob Jackson, only to rejoin a few days later.


Wish You Were Here released during US tour makes US # 148. Frustration over management and financial problems sees Molland leave at the end of UK tour supported by Man.



Group begins work on tentetively-titled Head First, with producers Richie Wise and Kenny Kerner.


Plauged mainly by the groups ongoing problems Ham commits suicide, hanging himself in the garage of his London home.... The other members quently drift apart.


Gibbins moves back to Wales(years later he will reappear on ,playing drums on Bonnie Tyler hit It's A Heartache), Molland forms Blue Goose, then Natural Gas,releasing a eponymously-titled album and opening for Peter Frampton at the height of his Frampton Comes Alive! succes.

Evans and Jackson joins Dodgers, releasing a handful of singles.


Molland laying carpets in Los Angeles CA, and Evans, insulating pipes in the UK re-form Badfinger, with Joe Tansin on Guitar and Kenny Harck on drums, and sign to Elektra Records to record Airwaves. Andy Newmark replaces Harck midway through the sesions, by the time the project is finished Tansin has also left. When the album is released Molland and Evans are the only credited band members.



Airwaves hits US # 125


Love Is Gonna Come At Last peaks at US # 69



Group now comprising Molland, Evans, Tony Kaye(ex-Yes), Glenn Sherba and Richard Bryans signs with Radio Records.Hold On peaks at US # 56, as parent album Say No More reaches US # 155.


Tom Evans assembles various new versions of Badfinger with people like Bob Jackson and Mike Gibbins but without Joey Molland. Not much is recorded from this period; The strong Bob Jackson composition " I Won't Forget You" is from this period.


After the band splits up once again at the end of US tour, Evans fighting a continuing battle to recieve a fair royalty deal for his songs, especially for the multi-million selling Without You, commits suicide in identical circumstances as Ham in November.


Molland releases his first solo-album After The Pearl


Edsel Records releases the first ever Badfinger CD and compilation Shine On featuring great tracks from the two Warner Brothers albums. A new growing interest in Badfinger has started.


While Molland and Gibbins still undertakes occasional US tours, Rhino releases Best of Badfinger Vol. 2. comprising Warner material and 4 great tracks from the unreleased "Head First" album. The liner notes written by Dan Matovina

Rykodisc issues Day After Day., a live album of a 1974 concert in Cleveland, which unfortunately is somewhat ruined by some very poorly done overdubs.


Apple begins their reissue series with "The Magic Christian" featuring 2 previously unreleased bonus tracks.


Rykodisc releases a Molland solo album The Pilgrim in June 1992. Apple continues their rereleases with "Maybe Tomorrow" and "No Dice" with 4 and 5 bonus tracks.


Apple rereleases "Straight Up" with 6 bonus tracks.


The first Apple compilation The Best of Badfinger is released.


The last Apple record "Ass" is rereleased with only one bonus track. Some unreleased recordings were dropped in the last minute; among them Pete Ham's "Piano Red".

Two Joey Molland CD's are released this year. One is a CD called The Best of Badfinger Featuring Joey Molland. This CD features uninspired and poorly produced redoings of old Badfinger material.

A Joey Molland Mini-CD called Timeless is also released.


This is a great year for Badfinger fans. Dan Matovina releases the Pete Ham demos collection 7 Park Avenue. The album receives overwhelmingly positive reviews all over the world.

BBC live-recordings from 1972-73 are released on a Strange Fruit album called BBC In Concert 1972-73

Late this year Mike Gibbins releases his first solo album A Place In Time on Forbidden Records.

The long awaited Dan Matovina Badfinger biography Without You - The Tragic Story of Badfinger is issued. The book gets extremely positive reviews all around. In 1998 the book is chosen as no. 2 rock-literature issue of the year. A bonus CD with the first 1000 copies of this book features the previously unreleased Badfinger recording "I Won't Forget You" along with some Pete Ham and Tom Evans demos.


A collection of Joey Molland home/demos recordings Basilis released on the Independent Artists label.


Finally Badfinger's Airwaves album is released on CD. The releases features 5 bonus-tracks, one of them "One More Time" is great outtake from the original recordings; the others are later recordings by Joe Tansin and Joey Molland.

The long awaited second collection of Pete Ham demos Golders Green is released in July. This release receives almost equally positive reviews as "7 Park Avenue". This year VH1 is working on a Badfinger portrait which has already been scheduled for airplay several times. Hopefully it will be ready by the end of 1999 or the beginning of 2000.

The master tapes for the unreleased Badfinger album "Head First" which were thought to have been lost are rediscovered at Warner Brothers. Rumors of a license deal with Rhino Records remain unconfirmed, but it seems probable that this great album, featuring the last Pete Ham Badfinger recordings, finally may see the light of day on a regular CD releases in near future.

"7 Park Avenue" is rerelased in Japan with some of the tracks remastered.


In summer 2000 Matovinaīs Badfinger Biograhy Second Edition. Some very interstings additions have been made and a very interesting Bonus CD featuring many great demos by Pete Ham, Tom Evans and The Iveys. The highlights on the CD are Tom Evansī"Over You" and "Mr Manger" from the still unreleased "Head First".

Late this year two essential Badfinger releases see the light of Day.The Very Best of Badfinger featuring both Warner and Apple tracks and finally Head First released by the British company "Snapper". Unfortunately this CD was not made from the original master-tapes, but from Bob Jacksonīs 4-track copy. The sound is great though and demos from all Badfinger members are added as bonus.

The VH1 on Badfinger finally airs and for some months all Badfinger releases sell very well, according to the ratings on Amazon. Especially the two recent releases "The Very Best of" and "Head First"

Mike Gibbinīs second album More Annoying Songs is released in Exile Records.


The long awaited third solo album by Joe Molland This Way Up is finally released. Most Molland fans agree that itīs his best so far. Mollandīs own company Independent Artist puts out the release. To promote the album Molland also makes a video for one of the strongest tracks "Isnīt it a Dream".

Mike Gibbins makes a charity CD single for the victims of September 11 and prepares a rerelease of his first album "A Place in Rime" featuring two new tracks.


The remastered reissue of Mike Gibbinsī first album is released

Mike Gibbins releases "Badfinger Live Indiana 1983 DBA-BFA" on Exile Music

Mike Gibbins also releases his third solo album "Archeology" on Exile Music


A 18-track CD "94 Baker Street"from the vaults of Apple Publishing featuring 5 previously unreleased rare recordings by The Iveys is released on October 6, on the RPM (Cherry Red) label (RPM270) .

Mike Gibbins releases his fourth album "In the Meantime" on Exile Music


Joey Molands records a new Christmas song, available for mp3 download from starting in December 2004. The title is "The King Of Kings"


Badfinger's Ass and the Iveys' Maybe Tomorrow compact discs are both reissued in the U.K.
Also 1979 album "Airwaves" is re-issued; unfortunately this time without the 5 bonus-tracks

Sad news! Mike Gibbins peacefully passes away in his sleep on October 4.


What more will the new year bring for hungry Badfinger fans??

Dan Matovina is currently working on several projects; among them an "Iveys"-collection which hopefully will be ready for release in 2006

A third Pete Ham demos-CD is also planned for release within the next couple of years - who knows, maybe sooner!

There have also been rumors of a Tom Evans release.

Wishful thinking would be to hope for either a Badfinger Rarities album; or even better a Badfinger Box-set. Maybe not so unrealistic since many bands and artists seem to have boxes released these years.

Thanks to Brando and Jesper for the scans.

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