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Record 19
Guest: Mitch  
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Date: 19-Jan-99 11:29 AM
Kevin: sorry it has come to this. Everyone is perhaps too sensitive. I know Randy feels very much as you do. Look, Randy has made no secret that he believes "the book" has made serious mistakes. This is an area where a decent people should be able to disagree--when books on other topics are written, there are inevitably people who will dispute the facts as put down in the book--as well as defenders. But it seems that where this book is concerned, there is no criticism allowed. Kevin, you know very well this goes both ways. Randy has no sooner to say something that contradicts the book, than he is personally attacked. The important word here is "personally". Why not just let it go, or say: well, I disagree with you? Instead, people go on and on about Randy's "motives" in defending the Mollands. Then Randy comes back with more, and then it accelerates into a flame war that does nobody any good.

Randy's motives are not secret. He knows the Mollands, and has heard their story, and feels that for some reason, the book chose to ignore the possibility of different versions of what transpired. Why do these criticisms bother people so much? He is not criticizing Badfinger itself, just one account of its history.

Record 18
Guest: Kevin   Homepage:
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Date: 18-Jan-99 04:38 PM
In response to Mitch and Randy, I just would like to pose a question,Why is it that Randy and supporters feel as though they can criticize,without question,any and all things pertaining to Badfinger that anyone NOT affiliated with the Molland's undertakes? And when anyone has the nerve to question Randy or the Mollands we are automatically called "Bitter" or "Frustrated". I hope for great success for all Badfinger webpages and Releases this year,hopefully all four members will get their long overdue respect this year.I hope that the music industry wakes up and puts Badfinger-Pete,Tom,Joey and Mike in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-we all know they deserve it for being one of the Greatest Bands in Rock history. By the way Randy-sorry about the Viking.Best Wishes,Kevin

Record 17
Guest: brando     Homepage:Brando's Badfinger Pages
Rate: The CD project in 1999 I expect the most of is:Pete Ham-Golders Green
Date: 14-Jan-99 01:36 PM
Looking Back

The Internet: The internet is proving to be a great tool for promoting the band and various projects (i.e. the lithograph). I have a handful of friends who are still not on the net who I have to send letters to update them on Badfinger information. It is so much easier to explain it to a multitude and know the message is getting across (not to mention the good friends made along the way). New websites: The number of Badfinger websites doubled from the beginning of 1998. There are currently 18 pages dedicated to the band (or artists in the band), not to mention an Online Fan Club. A lot of new websites (such as yours) are proving that quality can be achieved. Compact Discs: We were fortunate enough to have two releases this past year that only wetted our appetite for 1999.

Look Forward

The Internet: As mentioned above, the internet is going to be an intricate part of promoting the band to new fans. Any promotion is good promotion and thus any new website only increases the opportunity for fans to be further entrenched into world of Badfinger. New Websites: I hope that we will achieve 20 websites by the airing of the VH1 special. By the years end, I hope there will be at least 30 sites dedicated to Badfinger, with many new fans deciding to create their own tribute to our favorite recording artists. More is better, I am sure that when intelligent people in influential places check to see if there is a market for Badfinger product, they will examine the bands internet activity and be more than pleasantly surprised by the enormous amount of support they have in cyberspace. Compact Discs: Can't wait for April, I'm looking forward to the four previously mentioned releases (Head First, Ham, Molland & Gibbins), but I'll hold out hope for a surprise release at some point this year as well (perhaps an Apple Rarities disc)!

Thanks Jesper for the opportunity to express my views (Great subject!)

Record 16
Guest: Mitch  
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Date: 12-Jan-99 02:44 PM
So, "Kevin", or whoever you really are, you "wish Joey well" wouldn't know it from the other words in your message. As to those other words--Joey has stated in several interviews that Badfinger is no more, and Joey Molland's Badfinger is not Badfinger. And suppose it was Kathie who asked the interview what? Learn to relax.

The great Sean has spoken, and he has seen the promised land, though he may not make it there with us. But he has passed the torch to his disciple Jesper. Jesper, heed Sean's warnings, and heed this: beware of those who say they possess the one "truth." The line it is drawn, the curse it is cast...the slow one now will later be fast, as the present now will later be past...the order is rapidly fading. And the first one now will later be last.

Record 15
Guest: WYWH-Pages  
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Date: 12-Jan-99 02:33 PM
Comment removed: wrong subject

Record 14
Guest: Sean     Homepage:Badfinger
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Date: 09-Jan-99 07:54 PM
There are many...

1) The final word on the royalty distribution. With the extra attention being brought to the band, the overturning of the ruling (which was not properly fought by the Estates of Ham & Evans because their two best witnesses were dead) is due. Rulings in other cases set a precedent that these agreements need to be adhered to and expired long ago and royalties will revert back to proper legal precedence. This is my wish that all the parties get properly argued justice - this may come to pass in 1999!

2) VH1 Behind the Music. With the new advertisement campaign, BTM had 44 million viewers the last week of 1998.

3) Head First. Sequenced for maximum enjoyment and featuring tons of bonus tracks, the bootleggers will finally be put out by this release. (I HATE BOOTLEGGERS WHO STEAL FROM HAM AND EVANS.)

4) Tommy Evans Demos... If Marianne Evans and Rod Roach get over their concerns (hundred times bitten, million times shy), this could be a great release produced by Dan. There are tons of great songs, enough to do multiple volumes of releases. I just hope it can get done in time for the VH1 program.

5) Golders Green... Maybe I am jaded because I've seen so much of this project already. I just hope Dan uses my 2 cents worth of suggestion and makes the cover "Abbey Road"-like. Thanks Jesper for the photo to help put it into a more visual realm for Dan.

6) The new chief website for Badfinger.... Jesper's WISH YOU WERE HERE pages. As I call it a day, Jesper can be the guy who gives the accurate and timely information for all to read. No site other than Dan's and mine has been as pro-active in truthful reporting of information. I publicly warn Jesper to listen to only those who know and report other sources properly. Look for my "znet" site to close down in October and a "permanent site" to be available for the rock of all ages.


sean in san diego

Record 13
Guest: Randy Justesen  
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Date: 08-Jan-99 11:36 PM
Kevin you must be an Arizona Cardinals fan. This Sunday you may be even more frustrated than how you feel today.

Record 12
Guest: Kevin McElligott   Homepage:
Rate: The CD project in 1999 I expect the most of is:Pete Ham-Golders Green
Date: 08-Jan-99 08:29 PM
Jesper-Happy New Year and good job with this page. Jesper I wouldnt get too upset about Randy Justesen's comments-he is nothing more than an apologist of Kathie Molland. Nobody wants to have these feuds amongst fans,but you cannot deny history-it is what it is,I wish Joey well.I just have to say that Mark Healey is not a member of Badfinger,he is a member of "Joey Molland's Badfinger",these are not the same and it is an insult to all finger fans to insist that they are the same.Listen Randy I loved the questions that Kathie submitted to Joey in your interview at your webpage-they were the anonymous for the book "For Love or Money"one quote from the author will tell you who is really behind this book," I find Kathie Mollands own story to be compelling,etc etc."Hey Mr. Queensen-who cares?

Record 11
Guest: Rick Kellogg     Homepage:
Rate: The CD project in 1999 I expect the most of is:Pete Ham-Golders Green
Date: 08-Jan-99 12:24 AM
Jesper...Thanks for what you are doing for the Badfinger community! I really liked your piece on your Spring tour of Golders Green - 7 Park Avenue. Great pictures; looks like you and your Dad had a good time. I think 1999 will be a banner year for Badfinger! Several new CD releases: Head First / Golders Green / Perfection (Tommy) / Joey's solo / Mike's More Annoying Songs / (maybe) Airwaves & Say No More / VH1 special and I hope even more. I want to go broke buying Badfinger stuff! Thank goodness for all the Badfinger web pages...they are all helping to make this happen for both Badfinger and for us fans. Rock on...

Record 10
Guest: Joe Pellegrino  
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Date: 07-Jan-99 05:39 PM
Jesper, I have to admit you have done an excellent job with your website! It has grown to be one of the better sites dedicated to The Badfingers. 1998 brought an excellent CD, A Place In Time, from Mike Gibbins. I have not yet received the Joey Molland production Basil, so I can't comment on that. The latest addition is the Musikladen video including Rock Of All Ages. If you haven't seen this yet you are in for a surprise! And if 1999 starts out with a rarity like this I hope there will be much more to follow. We all hope that 1999 will be the year of the Badfinger comeback. Indeed snubbed in their homeland but loved here in America and Japan and other parts of the world. Badfinger Rules!
Record 9
Guest: Barb Alan Atkinson     Homepage:
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Date: 01-Jan-99 02:00 AM
Jess, Don't take this the wrong way, but although you could use many adjetives to describe Randy's tirades, inflammatory isn't one of them. I certainly don't remember him saying anything even remotely inflammatory about anyone. You may not agree with him and you may get tired of reading his opinions but the guy takes alot of criticism on the chin and never gets nasty with anyone. Your comment, however, is highly inflammatory. Again, I'm not trying to be insulting but just stating my observations. I understand Randy annoys alot of people with his over exuberant comments, but my advise is; if it bothers you, don't rean them! Best of Times and Happy New Year, Jess and everyone else out there!!!!

Record 8
Guest: Jessica Edwards     Homepage:
Rate: The CD project in 1999 I expect the most of is:Pete Ham-Golders Green
Date: 30-Dec-98 11:17 PM
Yes Randy, the inflammatory comments which you constantly make and start on the various guestbooks. '98 was a great year for Badfinger with all the releases - the book being the best of the lot. I think Badfinger's popularity will explode in '99 with the VH-1 documentary. Jesper, keep up the good work.

Record 7
Guest: Randy Justesen  
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Rate: The CD project in 1999 I expect the most of is:Joey Molland-solo project
Date: 30-Dec-98 04:59 PM
Morten, I agree it is a shame as confrontation usually starts with inflamatory topics or a misleading comment. Thankfully there are many Badfinger sites like yours which allow open discussion :). People don't always have to agree about everything in order to get along and promote in unison their favorite band! Head First will come in equal or close second for projects I most look forward to. If all goes well with all the releases and VH1, then Badfinger and the survivors will get more deserved recognition for their work than ever before! So many people deserve praise for helping keep Badfinger on the international scene. It sure would be a hell of a long list of names to print out, the fans most of all!

Record 6
Guest: Morten     Homepage:
Rate: The CD project in 1999 I expect the most of is:Head First
Date: 30-Dec-98 12:56 AM
I think 1998 has been a very good year for all Badfingerfans. A lot of new releases have been announced, so there's a lot to look forward to in 1999. I also think that there has been plenty of excitement on the Badfinger-pages around. Interviews, old reviews etc. A shame, though, that some fans seem to seek confrontation on certain guestbooks.

Record 5
Guest: mike     Homepage:
Rate: The CD project in 1999 I expect the most of is:Joey Molland-solo project
Date: 29-Dec-98 07:31 PM
jesper.. how can we thank you for all the neat posts you make for us? wellll, here's one..thank you and good luck with future endeavors.

Record 4
Guest: pete  
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Date: 29-Dec-98 03:41 PM
Jesper: You've come a long way baby! And so too all Badfinger fans! I wish *all* Badfinger fans could come together and realize that we are lucky to have good, quality product available and leave it at that. But there will always be some who feel the need to grouse. When things get a little too hot and heavy on other pages there is always yours to fall back on! Keep up the good work and see ya next year!

Record 3
Guest: Brennan Engle  
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Date: 28-Dec-98 04:22 AM
Well let me say that 1998 was quite a year for the surviving members of Badfinger! With the release of Mike and Joey's cds! Congrats! I think the future is looking golden for 1999 especially if this VH1 rockumentary gets going and gets played to the world...I'm hoping Badfinger will get the long-deserved recognition for the band! If we do see the floodgate release of Badfinger related discs at the time of the VH1 could only help spread the news...but for now I'm crossing my fingers for Golder's Green, Joey's new solo cd, Headfirst, Mike's new cd, Perfection, and Airwaves on cd with demos!!! I'm hoping '99 will be a banner year.

Record 2
Guest: Mariano Lopez T.     Homepage:
Rate: The CD project in 1999 I expect the most of is:Head First
Date: 27-Dec-98 04:43 AM
1998: I must thank a lot to you Jesper, to Brando and to Sean Siever for your pages (which allowed me to know much more about one of my favorite bands) This year I updated my Badfinger (and solos) CD's collection. (I should say started, better than updated as I had only 2 CD's and 1 LP, and now I have 12 CD's more!) I would also like to thank Darren English for his Badfinger Radio. 1999: I expect all the best: lots new releases!
Record 1
Guest: Jesper  
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Rate: Head First
Date: 25-Dec-98 07:45 PM
In July 1998 I started out with my website.Since then it has developed a lot, and I've had a lot of fun updating and learning HTML codes.After mine, a few other new Badfinger websites came about, among them one in french.That shows how Badfinger is growing these days,and I'm sure that they will continue to in 1999, mainly because of the VH-1 program, and the many CD releases.I sure 1999 will be one of the best Badfinger years ever. Thank you for your support of my website! Merry christmas and a happy new year.

"Official Guestbook" Comments

Name: Barry Stinson From: England URL: None. Comments: 'Official' equals 'Kathie and Joey Molland & their puppet Russ Anderson' Enough said. 19:08:49, September 28 Name: dwolf359 From: USA URL: None. Comments: I would tend to agree with Russ. If the purpose of the Official Website is to post only the truth and avoid petty bickering, its fine with me. But it would be appropriate to announce such editing in the Guestbook to avoid disappointing contributors. ....If they only would let us know, then we'd know just how far to go... 23:11:37, September 26 Name: Jim H. From: DK URL: None. Comments: I belive that editing is wrong.People should write what they want and not thinking of What they write will offend Russ in any way.BUT I can pull my act together and say to Russ that I agree with the bootlegs and the other things about Badfinger which are not true. I wrote nothing that could offend anyone. 01:00:04, September 24 Name: Brennan Engle From: USA URL: Haven't got one. Comments: It's his page, he can do whatever he wants to on his guestbook....I'm glad he edits it...I'm tired of the petty bickering.. 14:53:37, September 22 Name: Morten Vindberg From: Denmark URL: None. Comments: I can follow Russ' points to a certain degree. I understand the importance of what is stated on the official site must be trustworthy and not only rumors. In a guestbook though, I think it's very wrong to edit comments. Either use them as they are - or don't use them at all! Otherwise it will be manipulation!! By the way - how did the offical site become The Official? 09:26:39, September 22 Name: Randy Justesen From: USA URL: Haven't one. Comments: Sorry to say, but I agree completely with Russ on editing as there are so many other forums to say exactly what you want in their chat room to other web pages. Check around to some other rock band web sites like the Raspberries for example, there is little if any fighting among the fans. That in the long run brings more power to Badfinger than any polarization can ever do. 06:30:32, September 22

"Mike Gibbins Interview

Name: Randy Justesen From: USA URL: Haven't one. Comments: Sorry people, but one last comment... Jesper I understand your concern about Sean and Dan. But why do they along with you show no concern for the character attacks on the people this is all about? Your topic is about Joey Molland 's character, the guy who brought you 1/4 of Badfinger, the great joy for all of us, and the real reason we are all here in your guest book. DEFENDING JOEY MOLLAND INVOLVES QUESTIONING THOSE ATTACKING HIM! 14:04:17, October 23 Name: Randy Justesen From: USA URL: Haven't one. Comments: About Sean's other topic.... Bob Evans told me all about your series of interviews and you will not be seeing any music from him other than the Perfection cd. He detests this terrible atmosphere created on the band! I am not sure you will be hearing from him again. He's not a big Molland supporter by any stretch and I offered you privatley to verify anything you would like on Bob! Still no response... Same old same old. 10:57:22, October 23 Name: Randy Justesen From: USA URL: Haven't got one. Comments: I need to switch topics here like Sean. Sean claims he can not talk about all the damning evidence against the Mollands and yet is a spiritual person. Put the money where your mouth is argument is not going to happen. So lets all accept Sean at his word on that. But now Sean is saying he is getting 1500 hits a week? Sean is the only one bragging among the Badfinger pages and about the only one who does not have a counter. Heck the Official page has 2 counters. There are lots of things to hide, but why not flaunt your hits with a public counter? Okay, time for another edit on Randy the bad guy. 06:51:28, October 23 Name: Mitch From: Chappaqua, NY / USA URL: Haven't one. Comments: Sean, you may not listen to Dr. Laura--a pompous egotist who knows what's good for everyone else--but she's rubbed off on you. Don't flatter yourself as being some kind of crusader for the truth, with disbelievers all around you throwing stones. You are one of the chief stone throwers. Why don't you stick around and talk, instead of letting others attack for you, while you give these cryptic little statements about being above it all? Come on down off the mountain and let everyone hear what you know. Do you think us ordinary peons can't handle it? PS Kevin-well said! 03:54:41, October 23 Name: Sean From: San Diego, CA / USA URL: Comments: Hey guys, don't make assumptions of what I talked to Mike about. I've done a series of interviews with Bob Evans too... Bits and pieces that weren't included in the Mike interview will find their way into news on those specific topics. I don't listen to Dr. Laura as a matter of taste. I am much more of an Art Bell / news & sports radio type, anyways... I was forced to listen while in a friend's office today and heard a proverb-like saying: If you want to be attacked, criticized and given grief - Do two things... Stand for something and be successful. Thank yous to those who have confirmed both of the above. In the last three days, I have had over 1,600 hits.. This is the last guest book entry I will bother with. I choose to associate with those who can deal with life (let alone the former Badfinger) in a more appropriate way. Love and regards to those who deserve it, sean in san diego 00:14:34, October 23 Name: Kevin From: Chicago / USA URL: Haven't one. Comments: I must admit, I found the Mike Gibbins interview a very interesting read. But a few questions did come up after reading the article. Mike seems EXTREMELY bitter about his past. And after speaking to Joey and Mike on a number of occasions, I can understand why. We all know how Badfinger got stiffed by everyone..EXCEPT THEIR TRUE FANS. I really started following the band in the early 80's when, at the tender age of 12 or 13 I noticed an Apple band was playing at a club down the street from my home.