Pelo magazine, number 12 from 1971

An ambitious project, of bringing near a dozen of big British bands is here in Buenos Aires. The plan was elaborated by an argentine and the owner of a british record label, who recently visited the country with the group Foundations. For february the 16th, it was forseen the arrival of one of the most important groups that appeared in pop music: Procol Harum, creators of "Whiter Shade Of Pale", the furious hit of 3 years ago. This travel couldn't be made because of the precipitation of the contract, that obstructed the visit of Procol Harum to cities inside the country that would cover the cost of the tour. photograph. Anyway, it is forseen the sistem of tours that the british bands will make when they come to Argentina (approximately one band per month): In the first place the bands woud do a big monster show at Luna Park (*1), then they will travel inside the country performing in Rosario, Cordoba and possibly Tucuman (*2) The names of the groups that are probably traveling to Argentina are Badfinger (photo)(with Paul McCartney?), Deep Purple, Black Sabath, Mungo Jerry, The Kinks, Hot Tuna and Donovan. In the next few weeks this could all be confirmed, or not.

(*1) Luna Park is a very important stadium of Argentina. It capacity is near 5000 people (Bjork played there this year (and i was there!!)) (*2) these are important cities inside the country

Translated by Mariano Lopez

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