Queen of Darkness

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This song was released as a bonus-track on the Snapper Music version of "Head First" in 2000 SMADD 829 in a demo-version.
In 2018 a band-version was featured as a bonus-track on the Extended version released by Real Gone Music

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The song was considered to be included on "Wish You Were Here" in 1974.

"By mid-month (July 74), Badfinger had pretty much wrapped up their new recordings. Tom had a song he'd written back in 1972 called "Queen Of Darkness", and there are indications it may have been recorded by the band at this time, but it was eventually dropped." - Quote from Dan Matovina's Badfinger Biography

A bluesy Tom Evans song that may have been recorded by Badfinger for “Wish You Were Here” This version features Tom Evans vocals, 2 acoustic guitars and some percussion, maybe done on a guitarcase. Probably this is an early stage of the song, since it is only a simple blues chordline; no chorus or bridge. Nice guitar fill-in3 from the second guitar; I wonder who plays it.


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