This page last updated on August 1 , 2008
On Fridag the 31th of July, 2008 the Stairs played at a small outdoor festival near Hadsund
It's called the Visborg Festival, and has been around for 3 or 4 years.
The Stairs played second on the opening night First new song "Think of You" went very well. Should be a future live-favourite
Sherlock Holmes Thomas Rytter on one of his fine solos
Janus and Thomas Albrechtsen Lots of energy in Sune's drumming

It had been some tome since the band gave their last performance, and several exciting new songs had been added to the set-list - among the two newly recorded songs "What Loneliness Does" and "Some Space For" - both intended for future singles. The band gave a solid performance and especially the up-beat rocking songs went well with the audience.

Setlist: ( from memory )
1. "Little Bird"
2. "Think of You"
3. "What Loneliness Does"
4. "Sherlock Holmes"
5. "My Generation"
6. "Fools Like Us"
7. "Take Me Back"
8. "Some Space For Me"
9. "Back From the Sky"
10. "Song About Something/Nothing"
Extra: "That's Not a Man"

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