This page last updated on May 28 , 2007
On Saturday the 12th of May, 2007 the Stairs played a short set at Voxhall in Aarhus
It was as part of the Puls Festival
The two rocking numbers "The Devil" and "That's Not a Man" opened their set App. 150 people enjoyed the performance
"Back From the Sky" - a favourite as usual "The Stairs closed their set with a very inspired "Taking Back Control"

The Stairs gave a terrific 30 minutes performance at Voxhall. The band opened their set with the two rockers "The Devil" and "Thatīs Not a Man" before going into their new and still unreleased material. "Back From the Sky" followed and it was obviously a favourite among the audience. The enthusiastic crowd enjoyed the band's very inspire performance.

1. "Young Man - Intro"
2. "The Devil"
3. "Thatīs Not a Man"
4. "Sherlock Holmes"
5. "Sitting in the Sun"
6. "Back From the Sky"
7. "Taking Back Control"

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