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On Thursday the 19th of February 2009 the Stairs opened for Marvel Hill at "Studenthuset" i Aarhus
Harmony singing on the new song "Empty Chair" Another new song was "If You Don't Know By Now""
A concentrated Thomas Albrechtsen on "Take Me Back" Powerful playing from Sune throughout the set
Janus concentrating on hitting the right notes

After the departure of lead-guitarist Thomas Rytter, the band had re-organised their line-up a little. The band decided to continue as a four-piece, leaving all guitar-playing to Jesper.

A new approach in style and sound had also been the result of Rytter's departure. The band now goes for a less polished sound, and a more basic rock-approach. 3 completely new songs were presented - all giving more space to the individual band-members to show their instrumental skills. The new songs were generally longer than the Stairs usual songs, and a inspiration from bands like the Doors seemed obvious.

Though the band had to start pretty early and crowd of 50-100 had turned up and they witness a well-rehearsed and inspired band, giving a tight 40 minute set. Opening with new up-beat "What You're Looking For" and the bluesy Doors inspired song hit the audince from the very start. The song was tied together with the old live-favourite "Little Bird" which had been slightly re-arranged but without losing of its great appeal
Next was the other two new songs "Empty Chair" and "If You Don't Know By Now". "Empty Chair" is great bluesy song with fine harmony-vocals from Thomas Albrechtsen and Sune Johansen. "If You Don't Know By Now" is an up-beat rocking track, which the band recently put up on their band-page in a live-in-studio version.
"Think of You" and "Take me Back" followed, and both old live-favourites sounded as good as ever.

Last song before the encore was the quiet "Sleep Time" which used to be performed by Jesper Vindberg and Thomas Rytter on two guitars. This fine song had also been re-arranged letting the band enter on the third verse, and a new instrumental outro had been added to the song - really a great closing track.

Due to tight schedule the band was only allowed to give one extra-song; this was a cover of "My Generation", which the band has had in their repertoire for some time.

A in all a very promising performance by the band, which appeared both tight and still releaxed. The sound in "Studenthuset" was very good, a fact that you can't always take for granted on such small events.

Setlist :
1. "What You're Looking For"
2. "Little Bird"
3. "Empty Chair"
4. "If You Don't Know By Now"
5. "Think of You"
6. "Take Me Back"
7. "Sleep Time"

Extra :
8. "My Generation"

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