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On Tuesday December 18, 2007 the Stairs presented their new EP, simply called "The Stairs" on the "Rose Theatre" in Århus. A crowd of approximately 100 friends and fans had turned up to celebrate the release with the band, and even before the band went on stage there was an intimate and cosy atmosphere at the small theatre.
"Back From the Sky" followed the opener "Little Bird" "That's Not a Man" a "hit" as usual After "Song About Something" the band left the stage
Badfinger's No Dice Badfinger's Straight Up Badfinger's Ass
After the great show and a long applause Jesper and Thomas A. came back to the acoustic bonus track off the EP, "Sleep Time" "Sleep Time" For second verse Thomas R. joins the two.
Badfinger's self titled Warner Brothers LP Badfinger's Wish You Were Here
A Concentrated Thomas Albrechtsen The band was complete again for the last encore, the terrific "The Devil" A glimpse of drummer Sune, too

The Stairs had invited friend and fans to celebrate the release of their new self-titled EP. The played all 5 songs off the EP alongside other Stairs favourites and a great cover-version of the Who's "My Generation".

Setlist:( Taken from memory )
1. "Little Bird"
2. "Back From the Sky"
3. "That's Not a Man"
4. "Sherlock Holmes"
5. "Sitting in the Sun"
6. "Take Me Back"
7. "My Generation"
8. "Taking Back Control"
9. "Song About Something/Nothing"
10. "Sleep Time"
11. "The Devil"

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