This page last updated on March 11 , 2006
The Stairs performing at the Emergenza Festival
Musikcaféen Aarhus March 9 - 2006
Thomas getting ready Jesper and Thomas getting in Tune Ready!!
Badfinger's No Dice Badfinger's Straight Up Badfinger's Ass
Opening song was the new rocker "The Devil" Tight and confident playing from the very start Impressive performance from Sune
Badfinger's self titled Warner Brothers LP Badfinger's Wish You Were Here Badfinger's Airwaves
Next was the "old" live favourite
"Back From the Sky"
Thomas joining in on the chorus "Back From the Sky"
Next was "Everything is Open" Thomas and Jacob showing their skills A new instrument introduced!
Final song was the complex
Song About Something / Nothing
Getting to the end of the most convincing
performance of their career
Thomas gave it all!
A shame it ended so soon
but the Stairs earned a well-deserved place in the next round
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