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On Thursday the 29th of November the Stairs opened for Lily Electric at Pakhuset in Aarhus, Denmark
Opener was the new song - the catchy "Little Bird" A surprise was the inclusion of the Who's,
"My Generation"
Thomas Albrechtsen on "Take Me Back" - Thomas Rytter in the fore-ground. Last song "Taking Back Control"

The Stairs played a set of app. 50 minutes. The band seemed very determined to give a super performance, and right from the opening new song "Little Bird" the band appeared both inspired and tight. They performed 4 songs from their newly released EP, "The Stairs" as well as older Stairs favourites like "That's Not a Man" and "Take Me Back". The still unreleased "Sherlock Holmes" seems to get better every time the play it, so hopefully it will be among the next songs the band decide to record. A surprise was an energetic cover version of the Who's "My Generation". The was a fine crowd of app. 100 people who enjoyed the tight performance. The headliners "Lily Electric" also did a great show, and it was obvious that the majority of the audience had come to see them.

Setlist ( taken from memory )
1. "Little Bird"
2. "Back From the Sky"
3. "Sherlock Holmes"
4. "That's Not a Man"
5. "Take Me Back"
6. "Sitting in the Sun"
7. "My Generation"
8. "Song About Something / Nothing"
9. "Taking Back Control"

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