This page last updated on August 21 , 2006
On Friday the 18th of August the Stairs played the one day festival "Hammel Open Air"
Also on the bill were currently very succesfull bands "Veto" and "Magtens Korridorer"
New song was the catchy "Glue" Dedicated to all who have not yet built their own car-port,
"Thatīs Not a Man"
Thomas on "Take Me Back" - Janus in the fore-ground. Last song "Song About Something / Nothing"

The band played a set of app. 50 minutes. After a slightly shaky opening, due to sound-problems, the band soon felt comfortable with new songs like "Glue" and "Thatīs Not a Man" - both songs highlights of their performance. They played most tracks from their 3 most recent demo-CDīs - plus their "old" favourite "Back From the Sky". As usual they closed their set with the "mini-opera" "Song About Something / Nothing". Apart from the first two numbers, the band gave a new convincing performance. A shame that only few people had turned up while the Stairs were on stage.

Setlist ( taken from memory )
1. "The Devil"
2. "Back From the Sky"
3. "Glue"
4. "Thatīs Not a Man"
5. "Take Me Back"
6. "A Bit of Alright"
7. "Music Police"
8. "Everything is Open"
9. "Song About Something / Nothing"

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