This page last updated on December 2 , 2006
On Thursday the 30th of November the Stairs played a 2 "Pack" gig at "Gyngen" in Aarhus
Also playing was "Enola"
The "Young Man" intro led straight into "The Devil" A crowd of app. 120 people had turned up!
The new song "Magic Carpet Ride was presented live for the first time "Take Me Back" was one of the songs when the band really let go

The Stairs and Enola played a great 2-pack show at "Gyngen" this Thursday night. The Stairs opened the one hour show with "The Devil" and it soon became obvious that a lot of the audience were familiar with the bandīs catalogue - a great atmosphere from the beginning. The band played their usual set; though not without surprises underways

Some songs had been slightly changed and the band played their set with confindence and allowed themselves room for some improvisation.

New song catchy song "Magic Carpet Ride" went really well, and the songs seems to have a good chance of becoming a new live-favourite.

Bassist Janus Valsted celebrated his 30th birthday this evening, and he received a big applause from the band and the audience

For the encore Jesper and Thomas Rytter once again played the acoustic "My Miss Right" .

Setlist ( taken from memory )
1. "Young Man"
2. "The Devil"
3. "Thatīs Not a Man"
4. "Glue"
5. "Music Police"
6. "Take Me Back"
7. "Little Bird"
8. "So Long"
9. "Magic Carpet Ride"
10. "Back From the Sky"
11. "Song About Something / Nothing"
Encore: "My Miss Right"

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