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On Friday the 4th of May the Stairs played a 2 "Pack" gig at "Fabriken" in Aarhus
Also playing was "Garbo"
The "Young Man" intro led straight into "The Devil" First new song was "Sherlock Holmes".
"Back From the Sky" was a favourite among the audience "The Stairs closed their set with new song "Taking Back Control"

The Stairs palyed a short up as support for Garbo. The band introduced 3 new songs to the audience, all of which are currently being recording for a forthcoming album.
The band opened their set with the two rockers "The Devil" and "Thatīs Not a Man" before presenting the first new song "Sherlock Holmes". The song is a Ray Davies kind of song in both lyrics and melody.
Next song was the complex "Sitting in the Sun", which like "Song About Something/Nothing" is built as sequence of very different musical parts. No doubt that the song will be a key track on the album. "Back From the Sky" followed and it was obviously a favourite among the audience. Thomas Rytter had changed his solo a little, which brought him a big applause.
Unfortunately the limited time only allowed the band to give one more song, which was another new song, the bluesy rocker "Taking Back Control". The song was appeared very well-rehearsed and the band gave a very inspired performance.

Setlist ( taken from memory )
1. "Young Man - Intro"
2. "The Devil"
3. "Thatīs Not a Man"
4. "Sherlock Holmes"
5. "Sitting in the Sun"
6. "Back From the Sky"
7. "Taking Back Control"

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