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On Friday September 3 The Stairs made their first live appeareance for more than 12 months.
This happened at the Fair Bar in Aarhus
Dan Dan
Getting ready for a new start
"I'll Take the Stairs"
Dan Dan
Empty Chair Think of You
Dan Dan
Presenting the next song If You Don't Know by Now

The Stairs made on Friday September 3 their first live appearance for more than 12 months. The band presented at the Fair Bar in Aarhus, a 50 minutes unplugged set, featuring both new and older songs.

The band which has had a couple of lineup changes since 2009 were very well received by the small, but enthusiastic audience.

In their set were three songs from their recently released EP "Empty Chairs", which of course had been rearranged for the unplugged concept. Interesting that somebody a couple of older songs which Have never been recorded were included in the set-list. The song "I'll Take the Stairs", from which the band probably took their name was chosen as the opener.

Two other songs "Think of You" and "Fools Like Us" which have also never been properly recorded by the band were still in their terms, Which also included two cover-versions of Sunny Afternoon and Happy Together.

The band, which currently is a 3-piece, appeared in good spirit and most songs came out very well in their unplugged format. Nice to have the original drummer Mads Pugholm back into the fold along with Thomas Albrechtsen and Jesper Vindberg. The group still needs to find a new bassist, but has the patience to wait for the right one to pop up.

“What has happened to “Back From the Sky”?, asked one from the audience. Apparently the group has decided to leave this song out, for a while.

Setlist ( taken from memory )
1. I’ll Take the Stairs
2. What You’re Looking For
3. Song About Something / Nothing
4. Empty Chair
5. Sunny Afternoon
6. Think of You
7. Fools Like Us
8. Happy Together
9. If You Don’t Know By Now
10. Sitting in the Sun
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