This page last updated on November 16 , 2006
On Friday the 10th of November the Stairs opened a 2 bands show at "Chokoladefabriken" in Aarhus
Top of the bill was the currently very succesful band the Breakers
Presenting for the first time their new intro "Young Man" Which led them directly into the usual opener
"The Devil - Good Evening"
From the new CD "Glue" was a must Also from that CD the harder rocking
"That´s Not a Man"
Live favourite "Back From the Sky" Thomas´ tour de force "Take Me Back"

Warming up the the currenly succesful the Breakers the Stairs gave a highly energetic set of app. 55 minutes. A new 45 seconds sound-clip called "Young Man" opened the show, leading straight into their usual opener "The Devil - Good Evening". The Band gave tight an inspired performances of tracks from their two recent mini-CDs - and they had a great contact with the audience.

Two completely new songs were also presented - an Oasis inspired rocker called "Little Bird" and the melodic "So Long" on which Jesper exchanged his Gibson with his Martin acoustic. As usual Thomas Albrechtsen´s solo on "Take Me Back" was highly impressive and Thomas Rytter´s solo on "Music Police" was equally strong. They closed their convincing show with "Song About Something / Nothing" - a composition on which all band members are allowed to show their musical skills.

For the encore Jesper and Thomas Rytter played the acoustic "My Miss Right" - a quiet song that gave the audience time to relax and enjoy the beautiful vocal harmonies.

Setlist ( taken from memory )
1. "Young Man"
2. "The Devil"
3. "Glue"
4. "That´s Not a Man"
5. "Take Me Back"
6. "Music Police"
7. "Back From the Sky"
8. "Little Bird"
9. "So Long"
10. "Song About Something / Nothing"
Encore: "My Miss Right"

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