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On Thursday August 7 - 2008 gave a two sets performance at Fatter Eskild in Aarhus. The band was very tight and inspired and gave a fine performance. Unfortunately very bad weather keep a lot people home, so the crowd was small, but those who had come had a very nice evening.
"Think of You" followed the opener "Little Bird" My Generation
Badfinger's No Dice Badfinger's Ass
Janus and Thomas Albrechtsen Encore was a the band's new single "What Loneliness Does"

As headliners the Stairs had the opportunity to play two full sets, which gave room for several surprises.

Set 1 :( Taken from memory )
1. Little Bird
2. I Think of You
3. What Loneliness Does
4. Sherlock Holmes
5. The Universal
6. Cigarettes and Alcohol
7. Take Me Back
8. Music Police
9. Taking Back Control
10. Foolís Like Us

Set 2 :( Taken from memory )
1. Sleep Time
2. The Devil
3. Thatís Not a Man
4. Everything is Open
5. Some Space For Me
6. My Generation
7. Back From the Sky
8. Song About Something
8. "Don't Let Me Down"
9. What Loneliness Does

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