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On Thursday January 24th. the Stairs opened the new season on the "Fatter Eskild" bar in Aarhus. As headliners the band gave two sets of app. 45 minutes each. This gave the band the opportunity to play some of their early songs ( some of these in new arrangements ) and also a couple of cover-versions.
Unfortunately singer Jesper Vindberg had caught a pretty bad cold, which obviously gave him problems with the highest notes. For the same reason the band did not even want to play "Sitting in the Sun" off their new EP. This did not prevent the band to give the audience a great and entertaining show.
After a solid first set with favourites like "Little Bird", "That's Not a Man" and a completely new version of "Glue", the band returned for the second set with more confidence and power. Actually they opened set two with two acoustic numbers, "By the Sea" ( Suede ) and the closing track of the new EP "Sleep Time". Then with rockers like "Taking Back Control", "Cigarettes and Alcohol" ( Oasis ) and "Take Me Back" they really began to rock. Especially "Cigarettes" went extremely well with the audience
"That's Not a Man" followed the opener "Little Bird" My Generation
Badfinger's No Dice Badfinger's Ass
"Sleep Time" with Thomas Albrechtsen joining Jesper on the piano Encore was a long inspired version of "Don't Let Me Down"

As headliners the Stairs had the opportunity to play two full sets, which gave room for several surprises.

Set 1 :( Taken from memory )
1. "Little Bird"
2. "That's Mot a Man"
3. "Sherlock Holmes"
4. "My Generation"
5. "Glue - New Lyrics"
6. "Days"
7. "Music Police"
8. "Everything is Open"
9. "The Devil"

Set 2 :( Taken from memory )
1. "By the Sea"
2. "Sleep Time"
3. "Take Me Back"
4. "Cigarettes and Alcohol"
5. "Back From the Sky"
6. "Taking Back Control"
7. "Song About Something"
8. "Don't Let Me Down"

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