This page last updated on May 6 , 2006
The Stairs presenting their new bass-player Janus Walsted at the second round of the
Danish Emergenza Festival 2006 on May 5th.
Janus did well, and the band went through to the finals in Copenhagen on June 10th. 2006.
Introducing "The Stairs"!! New opening song, "The Devil" Rocking the Devil!
Badfinger's No Dice Badfinger's Straight Up Badfinger's Ass
Fine harmony vocals on the new catchy "Glue" Sniff and stick like glue Thomas´ tour de force on "Take Me Back"
Badfinger's self titled Warner Brothers LP Badfinger's Wish You Were Here Badfinger's Airwaves
Live favourite "Back From the Sky" Closing the set with . . . . "Song About Something / Nothing?"
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