Weep Baby

Weep Baby

"Weep Baby" cover

G    Am   C            G      G    A    C           G
Weep baby crying ain't wrong, weep baby it won't be long, 
          Am7       Hm           G          C
There's a man also weeping over letters hes keeping, 
    H                              Em            Am7  C D 
And if he could I know he would be here by your side again

G    A    C             G      G        A    C              G
Weep baby soon he'll be home, weep weep baby time will have flown, 
           Am7        Hm                G             C          H
There's an old clock tower where you're counting every hour just waiting for 
                    Em             Am7   C D
That creaky door to bring him back home again

G            Am  C           Em
Weep pretty baby crying aint wrong 
C            Em  C           Em           G
It won't be long it won't be long.        No  

By Pete Ham