Only three miles from your home
Now at last, we're alone
Just because I telephoned for a taxi

It may be just another car (car)
But it's more to me by far (far)
Forty miles per hour
Sitting in a taxi, yeah
Sitting in a taxi

Only two miles from your door
Like a palace of our own
On imaginary thrones in a taxi

I wish the lights would change to red (red)
They're green and we must go ahead (head)
I know the things I said
Moving in a taxi, yeah
Moving in a taxi, taxi, taxi

Moving oh so fast (taxi)
Not so fast (taxi)
Slow down! (taxi)
Slow down!

Only one mile from your door
Now, I'm on my own
Making my way home in a taxi (moving in a taxi)
Taxi (moving in a taxi)
Taxi (moving in a taxi).

By Pete Ham