Old Fashioned Notions

Old Fashioned Notions

"Heaven Knows"

Intro: / C / C / C / C /

C                                G
Youíre filling my head with your notions
You take what you want
mess up the man in me
Making a fuss about no one
Thereís devils in your head
Such an old fashioned notion, baby

Now youíre putting me on once again
I see you looking for another one
           C                   F
To play a pawn in your game
                   C                 F
Youíre gonna be the death of me
                 C                   F
Go play in someone elseís tree
                  C                 F
Youíre gonna end up in a dream
Youíre gonna be a star

Intro again

Am                           F
People will try to bring you down
Am                              F
Donít let them see you when you frown
Am                           F
People will come, people will go
Am              Bb              A
In my time, be mine. Pray in time

Dm                      Am
Bend my space, distort my time
Bb                       A
Forsake those who stay behind
Dm               Am
Revelations in my time
Bb                         A
Kill the prophet, drink your wine

/ Dm / Am / Dm / Am /

F  		   C
Tear  a page out of your memory
G                               Am
You can buy a replacement part of me
Bb                    A
And what fate will we find?

/ Dm / Bb / Dm / Bb /

Eb                            Bb
Itís hard for me to be in any other dream
F                            Eb
Maybe Iím a fool compared with you
What can I do
A                 Dm
Tell me what can I do


By Mike Gibbins