Name Of The Game

Name Of The Game

"Name Of The Game" rare unreleased single version

G               Am           Em                Hm        
Saw the railway master and I looked him in the eyes 
     C                 G              F                      C
Said would you go much faster if you thought that you would die
        G             Am               Em               Hm                                                           
He said not me sir I could not care in fact I would not try 
     C                 G                 F                 C 
For protest would  not take me far it's different me  I've been a star
A                         C            G
Lock my feelings in a jar till they go away
    G               Am               Em               Hm     
Oh comfort me dear brother would you tell me what you know  
     C                G                   F                C               
For somewhere in this painful world Is a place where I can go 
    G           Am           Em             Hm              
Oh long awaited mother is it time to make a show  
 C                 G                    F            C                                  
And take your babies to your breast you know we never passed the test 
     A                                  C             G
And all your sins should be confessed before we carry on

D         Am               F            C         G                           
No don't refuse me if you choose me you follow my shame 
D           Am             F              C          G
no don't confuse me  for I know it's the name of the game

Got up of my pillow and I looked up at the sun 
Said you can see quite clearly now the things that we have done
We burned your sacred willows and our battles we have won 
And did we get so very far it's different me  I've been a star
Lock my feelings in a jar, till they go away

No! Don't refuse me . . . . x 2 


By Pete Ham

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