A                        Amaj 7                     D                                                           
Baby shine a light on me tell what you're gonna be everythings alright 
  You're in my thoughts tonight 
A          C        E
Passing by moonshine moonshine 
A                      Amaj 7                          D                    
One and one is three is that the way it's gotta be the world is yours is mine 
 To live in  cool delight 
A          C          E                     C/D
Passing by moonshine moonshine 

G            Hm          Em                     C                Am            Hm         CD
Looking at tomorrow with hope inside your heart hoping  we could try to make it better
G               Hm       Em                    C             Cm             G
Knowing youre beside me though we're far apart living in the love that in between us now

A                      Amaj 7                            D                                                                        
Babe become a part of me break my heart and set me free yours is lonely skies 
  Youre in my thoughts tonight
      A          C         E                         / C / D /
Don't ask me why moonshine moonshine 

Looking at tomorrow.....

Am                            Em                      
But you hear me brighter dawn happiness of blue 
C                                  D
see me through the darkest reasons love is all of love is all of  love is all of you

G Hm/Em/C Am/ Hm CD /G Hm/ Em/C Cm/G

A        C          E                                  
Moonshine moonshine moonshine                                               

By Tom Evans, Mike Gibbins and Bob Jackson