Love Time

Love Time

"Love Time"

D           F#m            Am    H              Em               (eb d db)                     
Every day I look into your eyes         I see a love thats there                   
       F#m             G A
I see myself and stare 
D             F#m            Am    H            Em        (Eb D Db)                 
Loving you so many differint ways     a kind of harmony  
        F#m         GA              G     D 
Another part of me        makes it harder now
             G        F#m            Hm       Em    
Well if it's easy to believe in it's hard to realize 
    G        F#m             G                   A     
As easy to believe in as the love thats in your eyes

First verse repeat without singing (Guitar solo)     Chorus repeat

D                 F#m              Am    H              Em        (eb d db)            
Found amongst the laughter and the tears         love I had inside             
        F#m          G A          G      D                 Em      D
Love I used to hide     makes it harder now               harder now

By Joey Molland