Keyhole Street

Keyhole Street

"Keyhole Street"

               D                      E                    A
On Keyhole Street, thereís a small house all painted white
                 D             E                         A
That I walk past on the way home from my work at night
                F#m                         F#mmaj7/f		A
I shouldnít care knowing that she is there looking through her window
             F#m                        F#mmaj7/f    A
I see her face and my heart starts to raise somehow

C                      G                   Bb                C
Donít think sheís noticed me. Iím just another boy
C           G                  Bb            		        Am
Oh Baby canít you see I want to bring - want to bring you joy
Em		  A     Em                    A   Em                      A
Want to bring you joy. Want to bring you joy. Want to bring you joy.

	    D          E               A    A/g#   F#m
On Keyhole Street I walk on by every single day
         D                 E                              D                  E
Hope she would see. Oh oh oh oh. What she means to me. Oh oh oh oh
             D             E               D     A
Then Iíll never be  - just another boy

                D                  E                  A
On Keyhole Street thereís lamppost that I lean against
            D            E                      A
When I wait every single day just to see her face
F#m      F#mmaj7       F#m E    F#m   F#mmaj7         D       
Shall I knock upon the door.        If I do she might say ďNoĒ
And Iíll have to go
		A    G
Off to Keyhole Street   x 4

Sorry by the unfinished lyrics - I'll correct them as soon as I can

By Pete Ham

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