Favourite Singles of 1998:

1. Radiohead No Surprises
2. Manic Street Preachers If you Tolerate This
3. Verve Sonnet
4. Oasis The Masterplan
5. Cardigans My Favorite Game
6. Pulp A Little Soul
7. Sixpence None the Richer Kiss Me
8. Divine Comedy The Certainty of Chance
9. Oasis Donít Go Away
10. Alanis Morissette Thank U
11. Sheryl Crow My Favorite Mistake
12. Ocean Colour Scene A Beautiful Thing
13. Sheryl Crow There Goes the Neighborhood
14. Sarah McLachlan Sweet Surrender
15. Pulp This is Hardcore
16. Pulp The Fear
17. REM Daysleeper
18. Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces
19. Divine Comedy Generation Sex
20. Oasis Donít Go Away
21. Sarah McLachlan Adia
22. Dixie Chicks Thereís Your Trouble
23. Dixie Chicks You Were Mine
24. Manic Street Preachers The Everlasting
25. Fleetwood Mac Landslide
26. Alanis Morissette Uninvited
27. U2 The Sweetest Thing
28. Midnight Oil Cemetery in my Mind
29. Suzanne Vega Book and a Cover
30. Neutral Milk Hotel Holland 1945
31. Bob Dylan Not Dark Yet
32. Natalie Imbruglia Smoke
33. Nena Was hast du in meinen TraŁm gemacht
34. Bruce Springsteen Happy
35. Manic Street Preachers Nobody Loved You
36. Foo Fighters Walking After You
37. Rolling Stones Out of Control
38. REM Lotus
39 Elton John If the River Can Bend
40. Carole King Anyone at All
41. Queen No One But You
42. Genesis Calling All Stations
43. Verve Rolling People
44. Pulp Party Hard
45. David Bowie I Canít Read
46. Elvis Costello Long Journey Home
47. Uriah Heep Heartless Land
48. Elton John Recover Your Soul
49. John Fogerty Premonition
50. Midnight Oil Redneck Wonderland
51. Kula Shaker Sound of Drums
52. Britney Spears One More Time
53. Blur Close
54. Robbie Williams Millennium
55. Bob Dylan Love Sick
56. Rolling Stones Saint of Me
57. Oasis To Be Free
58. Coldplay Ode to Deodorant
59. Midnight Oil What Goes On
60. Divine Comedy Iíve Been to a Marvellous Party
61. Offspring Pretty Fly
62. Indigo Girls Shed Your Skin
63. Sinead OíConnor Chiquitita
64. Bryan Adams When Youíre Gone
65. Corrs Dreams
66. Natalie Imbruglia Wishing I Was There
67. Corrs So Young
68. Natalie Imbruglia Big Mistake
69. Elvis Costello This House is Empty Now
70. Elvis Costello Still Have That Other Girl
71. Brian Wilson TYour Imagination
72. Sinead OíConnor She Moved Through the Fair
73. Emmylou Harris Where Will I Be
74. Genesis Not About Us
75. Corrs What Can I Do

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