Favourite Singles of 1993:

1. Nirvana All Apologies
2. Suede Animal Nitrate
3. Nirvana Heart Shaped Box
4. Suede So Young
5. REM The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite
6. Radiohead Creep
7. Leonard Cohen Closing Time
8. Radiohead Stop Whispering
9. Midnight Oil In the Valley
10. Tom Petty Something in the Air
11. Radiohead Thinking About You
12. Pulp Razzamatazz
13. Tom Petty Mary Jane’s Last Dance
14. Kinks Still Searching
15. REM Nightswimming
16. Suzanne Vega When Heroes Go Down
17. Kinks Scattered
18. REM Find the River
19. Kinks Only a Dream
20. Nirvana Rape Me
21. Blur For Tomorrow
22. Bruce Springsteen Lucky Town
23. Midnight Oil My Country
24. Sheryl Crow Leaving Las Vegas
25. Midnight Oil Truganini
26. Pretenders Bold as Love
27. Leonard Cohen The Future
28. Manic Street Preachers Roses in the Hospital
29. Manic Street Preachers La Tristesse Durera
30. REM Everybody Hurts
31. Kinks Drift Away
32. Suede My Insatiable One
33. Crowded House Distant Sun
34. David Bowie The Buddha of Suburbia
35. Midnight Oil Drums of Heaven
36. Pulp Lipgloss
37. Manic Street Preachers From Despair to Where
38. Blur Sunday Sunday
39 Leonard Cohen Be For Real
40. REM Photograph
41. Blur Chémical World
42. Kate Bush Rubberband Girl
43. Pretenders I’m Not in Love
44. Lisa Germano You Make Me Wanna Wear Dresses
45. Indigo Girls Three Hits
46. Cindy Lauper Sally’s Pigeons
47. Paul Simon Thelma
48. Sarah McLachlan Possession
49. The Band Atlantic City
50. Jayhawks Settled Down Like Rain
51. Big Star Mine Exclusively
52. Cindy Lauper Who Let in the Rain
53. Aimee Mann I Should've Known
54. The Band Remedy
55. Hollies The Woman I Love
56. Suede He’s Dead
57. Midnight Oil Land
58. Verve Slide Away
59. Neil Young Unknown Legend
60. Cindy Lauper That’s What I Think
61. Jayhawks Crowded in the Wings
62. David Bowie Miracle Goodnight
63. Divine Comedy Your Daddy’s Car
64. Crowded House Nails in My Feet
65. David Bowie Black Tie White Noise
66. Carole King Now and Forever
67. Oasis Columbia
68. Kate Bush Eat the Music
69. Elton John True Love
70. Bee Gees For Whom the Bells Toll
71. Crowded House Locked Out
72. Elvis Costello Jacksons, Monk and Rowe
73. Crowded House Murder of One
74. Ugly Kid Joe Cats in the Cradle
75. 4 Non Blondes What's Up
76. U2 Zooropa
77. U2 Stay
78. Queen Somebody to Love
79. Bee Gees Kiss of Life
80. Manic Street Preachers Sleepflower
81. Cranberries Sunday
82. Genesis Tell me Why
83. U2 Numb
84. Verve Blue
85. U2 Lemon
86. Nirvana Oh the Guilt
87. Kate Bush Moments of Pleasure
88. Midnight Oil Outbreak of Love
89. Radiohead Anyone Can Play Guitar
90. Steve Miller Band Cry Cry Cry
91. Lloyd Cole So You’d Like to Save the World
92. Steve Miller Band Wide River
93. Aimee Mann Stupid Thing
94. Cranberries Still Can’t
95. Manic Street Preachers Symphony of Tourette
96. Aimee Mann Say Anything
97. Alanis Morissette No Apologies
98. Radiohead Pop is Dead
99. Alanis Morissette Never a Waste of Time
100. Counting Crows Einstein on the Beach

Bubbling under:

Elton John - Simple Life
Bob Dylan - My Back Pages
David Bowie - Jump They Say
Beach Boys – Summer in Paradise
Neil Young – All Along the Watchtower
John Hiatt – Perfectly Good Guitar
Alanis Morissette – Real World
Bee Gees – Paying the Price of Love
R.E.M. – Silver Bells
Donald Fagen – Tomorrow’s Girls

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