Favourite Singles of 2017:

1. Divine Comedy To the Rescue
2. Lana Del Rey Love
3. Aimee Mann Snow Goose Cone
4. Fleet Foxes Fool's Errand
5. Roger Waters Deja Vu
6. London Grammar Oh Woman Oh Man
7. The Killers The Man
8. Coldplay Hypnotized
9. Aimee Mann Patient Zero
10. She's a Sailor Lovely Day
11. Lana Del Rey Lust For Life
12. Fleet Foxes If You Need to, Keep Time on Me
13. Fleet Foxes Third of May
14. London Grammar Big Picture
15. London Grammar Rooting for You
16 Lana Del Rey Coachella Woodstock in My Mind
17. Coldplay Something Just Like This
19. Arcade Fire Everything Now
19. Arcade Fire I Give You Power
20 Lana Del Rey Groupie Love
21. Ray Davies Rock'n Roll Cowboys
22. Foo Fighters Run
23. Coldplay All I Can Think About Is You
24. Agnes Obel Stretch your Eyes
25. Sheryl Crow Halfway There
26. The Killers Run For Cover
27. Roger Waters Smell the Roses
28. Blondie Long Time
29. U2 Red Hill Mining Town
30. Coldplay Aliens
31. Chuck Berry Big Boys
32. Lana Del Rey Summer Bummer
33 London Grammar Truth Is a Beautiful Thing
34. She's a Sailor When the Failures Cry
35. Arcade Fire Creature Comfort
36. The Killers Run For Cover
37. Roger Waters Last Refugee
38. Gorillaz Sleeping Powder
39. The Killers Wonderful Wonderful
40. Chuck Berry Wonderful Woman
41. Blondie Fun
42. Foo Fighters The Sky Is a Neighborhood
43. Gorillaz We Got the Power
44. Gorillaz Halelujah Money
45. Gorillaz Ascension
46. Blondie Fragments
47. Gorillaz Andromeda
48. Gorillaz Hallelujah Money
49. Gorillaz Let Me. Out
50. Gorillaz The Apprentice
51. Arcade Fire Electric Blue
52. Arcade Fire Signs of Life
53. Gorillaz Saturnz Barz
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