Favourite Singles of 2015:

1. David Bowie Lazarus
2. Blur Lonesome Street
3. Blur My Terracotta Heart
4. David Bowie Amsterdam
5. Lana Del Rey High by the Beach
6. David Bowie Blackstar
7. Blur Ong Ong
8. Suede Like Kids
9. Adele Hello
10. Blur There are Too Many of Us
11. Coldplay Everglow
12. U2 Every Breaking Wave
13. Blur I Broadcast
14. Radiohead Spectre
15. Travis 3 Miles High
16. Suede Outsiders
17. Blur Ghost Ship
18. Lana Del Rey Music to Watch Boys to
19. Lana Del Rey Terrence Loves You
20. Leigh Nash Somebody’s Yesterday
21. Sheryl Crow Love Song to the Earth
22. Coldplay Adventure of a Lifetime
23. Ryan Adams I Do Not Feel Like Being Good
24. Brian Wilson The Right Time
25. Brian Wilson On the Island
26. Noel Gallagher Riverman
27. Yussuf Islam I Was Raised in Babylon
28. Noel Gallagher The Dying of the Light
29. David Bowie Kingdom Come
30. Elton John Looking Up
31. Brandon Flowers Can’t Deny My Love
32. Brandon Flowers I Can Change
33. Stranglers Grip
34. Ryan Adams Blue Light
35. Noel Gallagher Ballad of the Mighty
36. Eleanor Friedberger False Alphabet City
37. U2 Song for Someone
38 Arcade Fire Get Right
39. Ryan Adams Burn in the Night
40. Emitt Rhodes How Can You Mend a Broken Heart
41. REM Dark Globe
42. Emitt Rhodes This Wall Between Us
43. Emitt Rhodes Just Me and You
44. Crowded House Help is Coming
45. Ryan Adams Come Pick Me Up
46. Lana Del Rey Honeymoon
47. Blur Go Out
48. Noel Gallagher Lock all the Doors
49. Natalie Imbruglia Instant Crush
50. Elton John Wonderful Crazy Night
51. The Mountains There is Always Hope
52. Keith Richards Trouble
53. Brandon Flowers Still Want You
54. Blur Y’all Doomed
55. Brandon Flowers Lonely Town
56. Nena Lieder von Früher
57. Brian Wilson Runaway Dancer
58. Ryan Adams No Shadow
59. Stranglers Walk on By
60. Travis Everything at Once
61. Foo Fighters Outside
62. Bob Dylan The Night we called it a Day
63. Donovan One English Summer
64. Killers Joel, the Lump of Coal
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