Favourite Singles of 2014:

1. Suzanne Vega I Never Wear White
2. Lana Del Rey West Coast
3. Lana Del Rey Brooklyn Baby
4. Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence
5. Suzanne Vega Foolís Complaint
6. Tom Petty Red River
7. Coldplay Magic
8. Sarah McLachlan Monsters
9. Coldplay Ink
10. Leonard Cohen You Got Me Singing
11. Suzanne Vega Donít Uncork what You Can Contain
12. Coldplay Sky Full of Stars
13. Who Be Lucky
14. Arcade Fire We Exist
15. Damon Albarn Heavy Seas of Love
16. Coldplay Wish I Was Here
17. Cure + DJR. Just Like Heaven
18. Tom Petty Forgotten Man
19. Lana Del Rey Once Upon a Dream
20. Agnes Obel Words are Dead
21. Bruce Springsteen Just Like Fire Would
22. Lana Del Rey Shades of Cool
23. David Bowie Sue
24. Pink Floyd Louder Than Word
25. Neil Young Whoís Gonna Stand Up
26. Alanis Morissette Big Sur
27. Blondie I Want to Drag You Around
28. Morrissey Istanbul
29. Nina Persson Sometimes
30. U2 Invisible
31. Ian Anderson Doggerland
32. Sarah McLachlan In Your Shoes
33. Manic Street Preachers Futurology
34. Coldplay True Love
35. Kaiser Chiefs Coming Home
36. Passenger Heartís on Fire
37. Franz Ferdinand Stand on the Horizon
38 Leonard Cohen Almost Like the Blues
39. Agnes Obel Aventine
40. Noel Gallagher In the Heat of the Moment
41. London Grammar Sights
42. Morrissey World Peace is None of Your Business
43. Coldplay Midnight
44. David Bowie íTis a Pity She was a Whore
45. Damon Albarn Everyday Robots
46. London Grammar If You Wait
47. Uriah Heep One Minute
48. Manic Street Preachers Walk me to the Bridge
49. Tom Petty American Dream Plan B
50. Tom Petty U Get Me High
51. Ryan Adams Gimme Something Good
52. U2 The Miracle
53. Franz Ferdinand Fresh Strawberries
54. Foo Fighters Something From Nothing
55. Damon Albarn Mr Tembo
56. Damon Albarn Lonely Press Play
57. Foo Fighters Feast and the Famine
58. Alanis Morissette The Morning
59. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Godís Gonna Cut You Down
60. Tom Petty Fault Lines
61. Foo Fighters Congregation
62. Foo Fighters What did I Do
63. John Mayall World Gone Crazy
64. Eno Daddyís Car
65. Elton John I Wish We Were Leaving
66. Killers Joel, the Lump of Coal
67. Manic Street Preachers Europa Geht Durch
68. Aimee Mann Can't You Tell?
69. Eno DBF
70. Queen Let Me in Your Heart Again remix
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