Favourite Singles of 2001:

1. REM Imitation of Life
2. Manic Street Preachers Ocean Spray
3. Dido Here With Me
4. Divine Comedy Perfect Lovesong
5. Dido Hunter
6. Dido Thank You
7. Travis Side
8. U2 Stuck in a Moment You Canít Get out of
9. REM All the Way to Reno
10. A Camp I Can Buy You
11. Manic Street Preachers Let Robeson Sing
12. Ocean Colour Scene Mechanical Wonder
13. A Camp Song for the Leftovers
14. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Love Burns
15. Coldplay Donít Panic
16. Dido All You Want
17. Travis Sing
18. Divine Comedy Love What You Do
19. Suzanne Vega Your Maggie May
20. Dixie Chicks Heartbreak Town
21. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Red Eyes and Tears
22. Suzanne Vega Penitent
23. Elton John I Want Love
24. Suzanne Vega Last Years Trouble
25. Manic Street Preachers So Why So Sad
26. Leonard Cohen In My Secret Life
27. Ocean Colour Scene Up on the Downside
28. Leigh Nash I Need to be Next to you
29. Radiohead Pyramid Song
30. Cosmic Rough Riders The Pain Inside
31. Pulp Sunrise
32. Radiohead Knives Out
33. Cure Cut Here
34. Damien Rice The Blowers Daughter
35. REM Iíll Take the Rain
36. Gorillaz Clint Eastwood
37. Green Day Waiting
38. Cosmic Rough Riders Revolution
39 Midnight Oil Golden Age
40. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Whatever Happened to my Rocknroll
41. Cosmic Rough Riders Baby, Youíre So Free
42. U2 Walk On
43. Suede Simon
44. Suzanne Vega Widowís Walk
45. Radiohead I Might Be Wrong
46. Steely Dan Jack of Speed
47. Alison Krauss The Lucky One
48. Divine Comedy Bad Ambassador
49. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Rifles
50. Cranberries Analyse
51. Paul Simon Youíre the One
52. Eva CassidyOver the Rainbow
53. Ocean Colour Scene Crazy Lowdown Way
54. Manic Street Preachers Found That Soul
55. Eva CassidyAnniversary Song
56. Bee Gees This is Where I Came in
57. Travis You Donít Know What Iím Like
58. Brett Anderson Brittle Heart
59. Cosmic Rough Riders Melanie
60. Dixie Chicks Some Days You Gotta Dance
61. Travis Safe
62. Sarah McLachlan Plenty
63. U2 Elevation
64. Bob Dylan Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
65. Divine Comedy Regeneration
66. Gorillaz 19-2000
67. Starsailor Fever
68. Starsailor Alcoholic
69. Aimee Mann Red Vines
70. Gorillaz Rock the House
71. Aimee Mann How Am I Different
72. Gorillaz Latin Simone
73. Starsailor Good Souls
74. Sort Sol Rhinestone
75. Pink Get the Party Started
76. Cure Just Say Yes
77. Gorillaz The Sounder
78. Gorillaz 911
79. Lloyd Cole Whatís Wrong with This Picture
80. Green Day Poprocks & Coke
81. Strokes JHard to Explain
82. The Coral Shadows Fall
83. No Doubt Hey Baby
84. U2 New Years Dub
85. Elvis Costello For the Stars
86. Aimee Mann Calling It Quits
87. Bruce Springsteen American Skin
88. Neil Young Letís Roll
89. Starsailor Lullaby
90. Nena Carpe Diem

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