This page last updated on February 13 , 2016
She's a Sailor at Vestergade 58, Aarhus. February 13, 2016

On Saturday 13 of February She's a Sailor gave a one hour performance at Vestergade 58, Aarhus. The trio had for the concert hired a bass player, to add to their sound

The performance was very convincing and the audience was very enthusiastic throughout the set.

The band will in near future release the single "Beautiful", which will be accompanied by a music video.

Their set for the night: ( Taken from memory)

1. Circus waltz
2. Come on
3. Back From the Sky
4. High'n Low
5. Rain and Circus
6. Slowly Drift Away
7. What's it About
8. When the Failures Cry
9. Beautiful
10. What Else

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