This page last updated on February 23 , 2015
She’s a Sailor gave Saturday Night February 21, 2015 a one hour unplugged performance in Fairclub bar in Aarhus. The core members Thomas Albrechtsen and Jesper Vindberg played a set of new songs mixed with a few older songs and a couple of cover-versions. They were well-rehearsed and it was nice to hear how they have developed their harmony-singing which may become a new trademark for the group.
The band will play several gigs around Denmark this spring and will be adding a bassist and a drummer to their line-up.
Their set (taken from memory) consisted of ”Circus Waltz”, ”Come On”, ”When the Failures Cry”, ”God Only Knows”, ”Rain and Circus”, ”High’n Low”, ”What’s it About”, ”This Will Be Our Year” and ”Beautiful”
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