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She's a Sailor at HeadQuarters 7/4 - 2015

She's a Sailor played Tuesday, April 7 their first full-band concert at HeadQuarters in Aarhus. The group has now expanded with Maria Herold on bass and Jesper Svane on drums.

The group played a great set of approximately one hour, and the two new members fell in really well with Thomas and Jesper. This gives great promises for the coming live-appearances this spring and for forthcoming studio recordings.

The small (app. 40-50 people) enthusiastic crowd gave the band a very big applause after their great set consisting primarily of original compositions seasoned with a single Beach Boys song and a song by The Zombies.

Their set for the night:

1. Do You Want Us to Play?
2. Come on
3. What Else
4. God Only Knows
5. When the Failures Cry
6. Slowly Drift Away
7. Rain and Circus
8. This Will Be Our Year
9. High and Low
10. What's it About
11. Beautiful

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