Savage Rose

Your Daily Gift - Polydor 1971

Tracks: 1. Sunday Morning / 2. Listen to This Tune From Mexico / 3. Unfold / 4. Speak Softly / 5. The Poorest Man on Earth / 6. The Waters Run Deep / 7. Lightly Come, Lightly Go / 8. Tapiola / 9. Your Daily Gift


Originally released in 1971 this was the fourth album from the great Danish band Savage Rose. Easily one of their strongest early albums, with both great energetic rockers like "Sunday Morning" and "The Waters Run Deep" and beautiful acoustic ballads like "Poorest Man on Earth" and "Lightly Come, Lightly Go". Melodic beauty in the almost "country" "Unfold". "Speak Softly" is a "Jealous Guy" type ballad and the bluesy title track is an unforgettable closing track.

The only track that really feels out of place is the long instrumental "Tapiola", which is much more in the vein of the "Triump of Death" tracks. So, if you are new to the music of Savage Rose, this album would not be a bad place to start.

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