Moi Caprice

You Can't Say No Forever - Glorious Records 2005

Tracks: 1. My Girl You Blush / 2. When Cushions Were Softer / 3. I Dream Of Cities / 4. Through Loopholes With Love / 5. Tonight Might Prove To Be Your Only Chance / 6. Single Glamorous Women / 7. Who Served Caviar In The Sky / 8. Thieves Like Us / 9. To The Lighthouse / 10. Be Kind To My Mistakes


Moi Caprice's second album "You Canít Say No Forever" is a major artistic leap forward for the group. Compared to the debut album the band now appears much more certain of their expression. The songwriting is fine, with several really excellent pop songs. The two singles "To the Lighthouse" and "My Girl You Blush" are obviously key songs, both pointing towards the group's third album "The Art of Kissing Properly", which must be considered a masterpiece. "My Girl You Blush" is notable for withholding the redemptive chorus till late in the song, tand then never returning to the verse. "To the Lighthouse" is just rude catchy.

Less significant but still good songs are "When Cushions Were Softer" and "Tonight Might Prove To Be Your Only Chance".

The ballad "Thieves Like Us" has become a classic for the group, it may though well seem a bit long for some.

Extended is also the final track "Be Kind to My Mistakes" that gradually develops into a gospel-like anthem with an incredibly beautiful soulful choir joing in towards the ending.

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