X & Y - Parlophone/Capitol 2005

Tracks: 1. Square One / 2. What If? / 3. White Shadows / 4. Fix You / 5. Talk / 6. X&Y / 7. Speed Of Sound / 8. A Message / 9. Low / 10. Hardest Part / 11. Swallowed In The Sea / 12. Twisted Logic / 13. Till Kingdom Comes


The expectations to Coldplay's new album were without doubt some of the highest to a rock album this year. It's been three years since their previous album; which contained the great singles "In My Place", "The Scientist" and "Clocks". An album that seems hard to live up to. The big question was, could this band do it again? Personally I think it's difficult to give a clear answer to that qustion.

The first single from "X & Y", "Speed of Sound" is fine, but not nearly as high-profiled as their earlier singles. In a way this could be said about many of the songs on this new album. Fine songs and music, but, at least in the beginning, the tracks seem hard to distinguish from each other.

The first track that really caught my attension was the hymn-like "Fix You" which was refreshingly different from 3 first songs - a highlight on the album.

Among other songs that stand out the could-be "next singles" "Talk" and "The Hardest Park" deserve to be brought out.

The acoustic and melodic "A Message" is just beautiful, as is the ballad "Swallowed in the Sea".

But if only one song was allowed to be brought out, it would without question be the closing track "Till Kingdom Comes". It's such a beautiful song, that you have get hold of your guitar and find out how it goes. A new classic is born!

Conclusion: I must admit that after the first "hearing", I was a little disappointed, but now more songs are beginning to grow on me; and any album containing a song like "Till Kingdom Comes" is well worth seeking out.

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