Wunder Gescheh'n - Epic 19899

Tracks: 1. Wunder gescheh'n / 2. Du bist überall / 3. Hero / 4. Schlaflied / 5. Weisses Schiff / 6. Im Rausch der Liebe / 7. La vie c'est la chance / 8. Keine Langeweile / 9. Steht auf / 10. Abschied


A Beautiful and Varied Album. Nena's 1989 album "Wunder Gescheh'n" is possibly her most perfect album release seen as a whole; especially perhaps because of the exceptionally beautiful title track, which she remade several times since. This original version, however is for me the ultimate version; even if some might think it a little too much 80’s sound to it. 80’s sound characterizes in general most of the album, but in most cases, in a good way.

"You Bist überall" is a more traditional popballad, but still fine song. "Hero" is, like the title track, a very personal song that goes straight to the heart of the listener; the only English-language song on the album, by the way. "Schlaflied" is a little short lullaby - a bit anonymous.

"Weisses Schiff" is another highlight; a very nice melody with lyrics almost written in a narrative folk song style. "Im Rausch There Liebe" is a very typical 80s pop song; not bad but perhaps a little too typical of the time.

"La vie c'est la chance" is an unexpected song in French; nice low-key arrangement of the fine tune convincingly performed by Nena. On "Keine langeweile" we are back in the classic Nena band upbeat style. A real good-mood number that may make feel like both singing and dancing. "Steht auf" is a bit of the same genre, yet without having its predecessor's charm.

On the final track "Abschied" Nena flirt a bit with the jazzy; the track I could best do without. Nevertheless an incredibly strong and consistent album, which deserved greater recognition; especially qua the title track "Wunder Gescheh'n" which has obvious evergreen qualities. It should also be mentioned that Nena on this album stands out as a highly competent songwriter, with her credits on all songs except "Weisses Schiff" which was written by Thommie Bayer.

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