Would You Believe - Parlophone 1966

Tracks: I Take What I Want / 2. Hard, Hard Year / 3. That's How Strong My Love Is / 4. Sweet Little Sixteen / 5. Oriental Sadness / 6. I Am A Rock / 7. Take Your Time / 8. Don't You Even Care / 9. Fifi The Flea / 10. Stewball / 11. I've Got A Way Of My Own / 12. I Can't Let Go


On "Would You Believe Me" their material is even stronger than on their previous "The Hollies". "Hard Hard Year", "Fifi the Flea" and "I've Got a Way of My Own" are simply great. On this album the material is generally very strong, making it one of the essential albums of 1966. They bring new life into Buddy Holly's "Take Your Time". The single "I Can't Let Go" is incredible catchy and irressistable. And finally my favorite on the CD the old country classic "Stewball" - magnificent vocal harmonies!!

"Would You Believe" is a clear indication that even greater songs and albums were too come. After this album the band began to write many of their hit-singles themselves, and the vast majority of the songs on their following albums were Clarke/Hicks/Nash material.

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