Crowded House

Woodface - Capitol 1991

Tracks: 1. Chocolate Cake / 2. It's Only Natural / 3. Fall At Your Feet / 4. Tall Trees / 5. Weather With You / 6. Whispers And Moans / 7. Four Seasons In One Day / 8. There Goes God / 9. Fame Is / 10. All I Ask / 11. As Sure As I Am / 12. Italian Plastic / 13. She Goes On / 14. How Will You Go


I bought this album inspired by their great compilation "Recurring Dream" . "Woodface" was the logical choice with the outstanding "Weather With You" and the fine singles "Fall at Your Feet" and "It's Only Natural" - moreover "Woodface" is the only album to feature both Finn brothers.

At first the 4 tracks from "Recurring Dream" seemed to be the highlights of the albums, but soon I realized that there was much more to go for. The Beatles inspiration is obvious on most tracks, not least on the great opener "Chocolate Cake" - "Rubber Soul" ala 1991.

Neil Finn's country-inspired "She Goes On" - is simply beautiful; reminds me of the best tracks of the Eagles' "Desperado". Drummer Paul Hester's "Italian Plastic" is refreshingly different - with its raw John Lennon approach. Of course the beautiful folkish "Four Seasons in One Day" has to be brought forward. A durable album that can be listened to again and again.

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