Sonny & Cher

The Wondrous World of - Atlantic 1966

Tracks: 1. Summertime / 2. Tell Him / 3. I'm Leaving It All Up To You / 4. But You're Mine / 5. Bring It On Home To Me / 6. Set Me Free / 7. What Now My Love / 8. Leave Me Be / 9. I Look For You / 10. Laugh At Me / 11. Turn Around / 12. So Fine / 13. Revolution Kind* / 14. Have I Stayed Too Long */ 15. Crying Time*


Sonny and Cher's second album, "The Wondrous World of" from 1966 is like their debut album a good mix of Sonny Bono originals and contemporary covers. One big difference though is that one of the strongest tracks on "The Wondrous World of" is a coververison; brilliant hit single "What Now My Love" written by Frenchman Gilbert Becaud. Otherwise the highlights are the Bono originals "But You're Mine", "I Look To You" and "Laugh at me."

Some of the other covers are quite solid; especially "Tell Him" and "I'm Leaving it All Up To You" are good, while others are less memorable. An album which originally contained only 12 tracks and had a short playingtime - but which nevertheless contained a good handful of really fine poptracks.

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