With the Beatles - Parlophone 1963

Tracks: 1. It Won't Be Long / 2. All I've Got To Do / 3. All My Loving / 4. Don't Bother Me / 5. Little Child / 6. Till There Was You / 7. Please Mister Postman / 8. Roll Over Beethoven / 9. Hold Me Tight / 10. You Really Got A Hold On Me / 11. I Wanna Be Your Man / 12. Devil In Her Heart / 13. Not A Second Time / 14. Money (That's What I Want)


"With the Beatles" was the band's second album released in 1963. As on the debut album well over half the songs are Beatles originals, while the rest are mainly selected from the group's live repertoire.

There was not released singles from the album in the UK, although several numbers have clearly hit potential, not least "All My Loving", which in the U.S. inexplicably reached only the place at number 45 on the charts. it could play a role that the Beatles during most 1963 was a high ranking with singles like "From Me to You," "She Loves You" and "I Want to Hold Your Hand".

Vocally is "WTB" is dominated by John Lennen who takes care of the lead on half of the songs. It is no wonder of Lennon was awarded the lead singer-status because his voice at this point was incredibly powerful, and his performance on tracks like "Please Mr. Postman" and "Money" is nothing short of a breathtakingly impressive. The ballad "All I Gotta Do", also sung by Lennon, is one of many highlights of the album - a beautiful song in Arthur Alexander / Smokey Robinson-style - but written by Lennon himself.

McCartney sings the catchy "no hit" All My Loving "also is one of the disc's most memorable numbers. McCartney’s ballad talent is also reflected in the melancholy "Till There was You".

George Harrison sings lead on three tracks: his own (excellent) "Don’t Bother Me," Chuck Berry's "Roll Over Beethoven" and the more obscure "Devil in her Heart".

Compared with the debut album the group here took a big leap forward. A few numbers like the weak "I Want to Be Your Man", and to a lesser extent "Little Child" and "Devil in her Heart", appear a bit like filler - but on the whole, however, an excellent album.

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