The Cure

Wish - Fiction 1992

Tracks: 1. Open / 2. High / 3. Apart / 4. From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea / 5. Wendy Time / 6. Doing the Unstuck / 7. Friday I'm in Love / 8. Trust / 9. A Letter to Elise / 10. Cut / 11. To Wish Impossible Things / 12. End


For me, "Wish" will always be the album containing "Friday I'm in Love"; maybe my absolute favorite cure number. There are of course other fine songs - not least the two other singles "High" and "A Letter to Louise", of which has some of the ease of early Cure.

Lyrically (and actually musically, too), many of the songs marked by disillusion and gloom and some are also quite long. ”Wish” has no really weak numbers, but as a whole the album may be a bit difficult to get through.

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