Los Lobos

How Will the Wolf Survive? - Warner Brothers 1984

Tracks: 1. Don't Worry Baby / 2. A Matter of Time / 3. Corrido #1 / 4. Our Last Night / 5. The Breakdown / 6. I Got Loaded / 7. Serenata Nortena / 8. Evangeline / 9. I Got to Let You Know / 10. Lil' King of Everything / 11. Will the Wolf Survive?


This was the album where the new modern and more rocking sounds of Los Lobos were introduced. Like the previous album "And a Time to Dance" the album was produced by T Bone Burnett and Steve Berlin, and there are obviously many similarities to that album.

You could say that approximately half of the album continues the traditional tex-mex style of "And a Time to Dance" where as the other half has the more mainstream rock-sound that the band would explore on follwing albums like "By the Light of the Moon" and "The Neighborhood". This is the Los Lobos sound I personally love. On "Will the Wolf Survive" my favourites are the beautiful Hidalgo/Perez song "A Matter of Time", the great title-track (also Hidalgo/Perez ), the charming instrumental "Lil King of Everything" and of course the bluesy rocking "Don't Worry Baby" which has some terrific guitar-playing.

Among the more traditional based songs "Evangeline" is a favorite. The rest of the album is quite good, too, but most of these songs could just as well have been part of "And a Time to Dance"

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