Jethro Tull

Minstrel in the Gallery - Chrysalis 1975

Tracks: 1. Willst Du Mit Mir Gehen / 2. Lass Mich / 3. Und Jetzt Steh Ich Hier Und Warte / 4. Liebe Ist / 5. Ich Komm Mit Dir / 6. Immer Weiter / 7. Ohne Liebe Bin Ich Nichts / 8. Vitamine / 9. Wir Fliegen / 10. Neues Land / 11. Der Anfang / 12. Ja Kann Man Denn Da Ueberhaupt Was Machen / 13. Ich Will Was Neues / 14. Es Ist Noch Nicht Zu Spät / 15. Das Ist Der Anfang / 16. Ohne Liebe Bin Ich Nichts / 17. Machs Doch / 18. Hey Pauli Der Neue Ton / 19. Wenn Die Sonne Scheint / 20. Das Vertraegt Sich Nicht Mit Uns / 21. Hochzeit Je T'aime / 22. Die Tuer Geht Zu


This 2 CD release is somewhat of a come-back for Nena and her band. Though she has never really been ”away” for a longer period and that there several worth-while tracks on all her albums, there was a kind of renewed energy on her anniversary album from 2002, ”Nena Featuring Nena”, which contained some really great re-recordings of some of her best early songs.

This energy continues on this CD and the good thing is that this time there is a bunch of new really great songs.

The single ”Liebe ist” was a deserved big hit for her, but songs like ”Und jetzt steh ich hier und warte”, ”Immer Weiter” and ”Ohne Liebe bin ich nichts” are classic Nena style in the very best sense – produced by Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen who is the co-writer with Nena on most tracks on CD one (red), which is a regular studio album; CD 2 (orange) are looser jam recordings, but they are in no way sloppy.

I like Nena best when she’s doing her classical pop/ rock style, but must admit that some of the more disco/techno tracks like ”Willst du mit mir gehn”, ”Lass mich” and ”Vitamine” are also quite good.

It takes some time to really get into the orange CD, and some tracks are perhaps a bit too long; I guess that is really a question of temperament and taste.

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