Savage Rose

Wild Child - Polydor 1973

Tracks: Wild Child / 2. Stewball Was So Tired / 3. A Las Cinco De La Tarde / 4. Madhouse Wedding / 5. Ain't My Baby Beautiful / 6. Tarantula / 7. Shoeshineboy Is Dead / 8. Screams Of Captured Birds


"Wild Child" was the last album of Savage Rose`s early period. The band split in early 1975 shortly after one of the founding members Anders Koppel had left. When the band reformed again some years later, their style had changed markedly. Hereafter the band was mostly Thomas Koppel and Annisette, supported by various musicians.

"Wild Child" contains some of Savage Rose`s most powerful recordings and features impressive vocals by Annisette. The opening title track is a terrific soul-rock recording with Annisette in front - a standout! "Stewball Was so Tired" is jazzy up-beat track - again with Annisette in top-form. After a short instrumental track follows next highlight "Madhouse Wedding" - strong melody and powerful performance!

Equally strong is "Ain`t My Baby Beautiful" - a melancholy ballad which is, as the title indicates; just beautiful! "Tarantula" is rather short instrumental - a little like "Stewball Was So Tired". "The Shoeshine Boy is Dead" is a little difficult to get into - not one of my favourites! "Screams Of Captured Birds" which closes the album, is a fine blues-soul tune.

Like all the early Savage Rose albums; this is a great album, with standouts in "Wild Child", "Madhouse Wedding" and "Ain`t My Baby Beautiful"

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