Why Pick on Me - Tower 1966

Tracks:1. Why Pick on Me / 2. Paint It Black / 3. Mi Hai Fatto Innamorare / 4. I Hate to Leave You / 5. Black Hearted Woman / 6. Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White / 7. Girl and the Moon / 8. Looking at Tomorrow / 9. Mr. Nobody / 10. My Little Red Book / 11. Mainline / 12. Have You Ever Spent the Night in Jail / 13. Our Candidate / 14. Don't Say Nothing at All / 15. Boy Who Is Lost


The Standells never recorded their ultimate album, their choice of songs were uneven and their general musical direction was wobbling. Should you pick out a best album, the choice could well fall in this their second, released in 1966.

Highlights are several, not least the garage classic "Some Time Good Guys Don't Wear White" written by the group's producer, Ed Cobb, who was also the man behind their only real hit "Dirty Water".

The group members also helped writing songs, and keyboard player Larry Tamblyn's "Mr Nobody" is among the group's very best recordings. Ed Cobb's second title track, also falls nicely into the group's pre-punk style.

Both "Mainline" and "Black Hearted Woman" are solid rockers and very worthwhile.

The group released an entire album of cover versions of contemporary classics, and on this album there are a few pieces in the same genre. Their bid for Stones' "Paint it Black" and Bacharach's "My Little Red Book" may not be original, but both have been given the group's characteristic sound.

The rest of it, incidentally very short album, are at best forgettable. Who needs an inconsequential pop ballad sung in Italian? Ed Cobb's country-like "Have You Ever Spent the Night" is outright weak both musically and lyrically.

The bonus-tracks on this version are all great additions; all of them a lot better than some of the original tracks.

The Standells is a group you can always get the urge to return to. There is some basic honesty to their best numbers.

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