Who's Next - Track 1971

Tracks: 1. Baba O'Riley / 2. Bargain / 3. Love Ain't For Keeping / 4. My Wife / 5. The Song Is Over / 6. Getting In Tune / 7. Going Mobile / 8. Behind Blue Eyes / 9. Won't Get Fooled Again / 10. Pure And Easy / 11. Baby Don't You Do It / 12. Naked Eye / 13. Water / 14. Too Much Of Anything / 15. I Don't Even Know Myself / 16. Behind Blue Eyes


When "Who's Next" was released in 1971, it was more or less the result of a compromise between their record company and the band. Pete Townsend had since "Tommy" been working hard on a very ambitious project called "Lifehouse", which would feature at least 20 songs. For several reasons this project never saw the light of day, but some of the best songs were released as the album "Who's Next".

Though Townsend was frustrated with having to do with this compromise, the album is among the very best Who albums and is often referred to as album of the year 1971.

It features classic Who songs as "Won't Get Fooled Again", "Behind Blue Eyes" and "Getting in Tune"; in fact all tracks are incredibly strong. The Who's playing and Daltrey's vocals were never better.

A lot of the abandoned "Lifehouse" tracks have been released over the years. The "Odds and Sods" rarities compilation from 1974 contained some very strong tracks from it.

The bonus-tracks "Pure and Easy", "Baby Don't You Do it" and "Too Much of Anything" are abandoned "Lifehouse" tracks.

Unfortunately the complete "Lifehouse" album can never be released as some songs have been lost due to deteriorated mastertapes. Still, the CD release contains some much great music that it would be ungrateful to moan about what was lost, and not just enjoy what was released.

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