Gene Clark

White Light - AM Records 1971

Tracks: 1. The Virgin / 2. With Tomorrow / 3. White Light / 4. Because of You / 5. One in a Hundred / 6. For a Spanish Guitar / 7. Where My Love Lies Asleep / 8. Tears of Rage / 9. 1975 / 10. Because of You* / 11. Stand By Me* / 12. Ship of the Lord* / 13. Opening Day / 14. Winter In*


Low-key and Unpretentious Clark Album

Gene Clark's 1971 album "White Light" was never as high profiled as his 1974 masterpiece "No Other", but still the album is considered one of his most important releases.

In contrast to the aforementioned "No Other" "White Light" is a subdued and sparsely produced album with Clarks vocals and acoustic guitar in the center. Producer Jesse Ed Davis contributes the electric guitar and the rhythm section consists of drummer Gary Mallaher and bassist Chris Etheridge. Overdubbed keyboards come from Ben Sidran and Mike Utley .

This is no large or expensive production, and some numbers may well have a little demo character, and especially the bass may at times appear somewhat flat.

Clark has written most of the songs and several are definitely among his best. Clark's songs often have a wistful character and two of the best on "White Light" come in that category, namely "With Tomorrow" and "For a Spanish Guitar" both melodic songs performed on acoustic guitar.

More upbeat is the fine title track "White Light", while the finest composition on the album,"One in a Hundred" is found in a less produced version than the ”Byrds” version on "Roadmaster" - both versions are for me among the very best Clark released . "The Virgin" is also a fine folk- country thing , while the more complex "1975" may indicate what was to come on"No Other".

Among the excellent bonus tracks "Ship of the Lord" probably is the song that mostly deserved a more complete treatment than what apparently was the case. The song really should have been an obvious choice for the original album. Much better than Clark's cover versions of both "Tears of Rage" and "Stand By Me" which are both fairly unattractive.

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